To The Moon is an emotionally amazing Indie game that you MUST play!!

User Rating: 9 | To the Moon PC
To The Moon is an Indie game developed by Freebird Games.This game tells you a story about an old man named Johnny who wants his last wish to go to the moon.You control 2 characters in this game Dr.Eva and Dr.Neil who goes to Johnny's memory and make some changes to fulfill his dream to go to the moon.This game has an amazing and emotional story-line ,plus the soundtrack is emotional which really perfected the game.While some people think this game is not worth buying, they're wrong don't listen to them.This game is worth a few bucks which is now available on steam.The game also has some funny dialogues and popular quotes like the Hulk's "HULK SMASH" and Goku's "KAMEHAMEHA".If you're looking for an Indie game that has Great Story-line, Great Soundtrack,and Emotional if you are,To the Moon is the game you want.