Not bad overall pretty good

User Rating: 6.5 | TMNT PS2
Their were lots of problems with this game and one of the problems were that this TMNT game was very easy.This game does not give that much of a challenge.Another problem I had with this game was the boss fights.they did not last long and they did not feel like boss fights.Overall the game was pretty fun playing and I would say that it is worth playing , but I think they can make a better teenage mutant ninja turtles video game.The part of this game that I liked most and was really fun was how during the story mode you can play as all four teenage mutant ninja turtles.The moves and and special combos.My favorite turtle to play as was michaelangelo and donatello , they were really fun characters to play as and they had cool moves that made you want to keep playing the game until you beat the game which made it addicting .