Strictly for the kids without fear of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

User Rating: 7 | TMNT WII
TMNT can be described as a light version of Prince of Persia, but don't let that fool you into thinking you'll get a similar experience. The gameplay here is designed with a small child in mind and even then it may be too easy. Videogames are fun because they challenge us or stimulate our minds in some way. TMNT doesn't. With no co-operative mode available, single-button combat, and straightforward level design, all you're left with are some nice animations and decent platforming that just don't carry the weight.
The Wii controls don't do anything to take proper advantage of Nintendo's unique remote and nunchuck and do more to hamper the gameplay. You can't use the classic controller with TMNT either, making it impossible to avoid furiously waving the remote for boring and painful combat. If you own a Wii and want to play TMNT, the Cube version that also works on the Wii might better serve your gaming needs

Presentation: The story is a bit confusing, but the unlockables and challenge mode are fun additions. Wii exclusive mini-games are a nice touch 8.5/10

Graphics: This isn't the best looking or designed game, but it isn't hideous either 8/10

Sound: The voices are seriously annoying 7/10

Gameplay: Ubisoft did nothing to make this game feel like anything other than a port to the Wii with little effort put into it 6.5/10

Lasting Appeal: You probably won't even care to go back and unlock all of the bonus art 7/10

Overall: 7/10

My Verdict: Not Worth A Rent