Best Version from an unlikely Console

User Rating: 8.2 | TMNT GBA
Just as you thought the GBA was coming to an and, a great game comes out and adds more life into the GBA. And this is my breakdown:

Gameplay: One of those Old-school games that we can't resist. Tons of Punch-Kick and another kick with a great combo system going on. And of course, you can use the weapons that the turtle supplies with. And beating up several enemies on one screen is awesome.

The levels can be very difficult and points but, the fighting and designs make up for it.

Graphics: Great Pixal work done in this game. Nice animations following your movement and attacks. Ideal graphics for a GBA game (But a little bit higher)

Sound: The downfall. In every sequene there is heavy music in the backround and it takes away from the actually takes away the POW and the WOW. However, the music isn't so bad. Atleast the sounds isn't fuzzy or anthing else.

Value: Another downfall is that its only for 1-player. This is a game that could have worked wonders for multiplayer but, who puts the extra effort for the GBA nowadays?

The good point, unlockables, trophies to be won, mini-challenges and a great beat-em-up game all around. I would easily choose the GBA version of TMNT against all the other ones available.