Cute and Fun

User Rating: 7.6 | TMNT X360
This is a simple,fun beat'em up game.

A game you would find at Six Flags Great Adventure's arcade,it's
not rocket science just Rapheal,Donatello,Michealanglo and Leonardo.

What might throw you if you haven't played a "scrolling-2D" type game in awhile,is that instead of Ubi-soft utilizing the Xbox360's 3D-like capablities,
you have here a "Shinobi,Streets Of Rage, or Double Dragon-type" in gameplay.

Achievements are easily rewarded after completing each mission.

The fighting is very,very easy but don't waste to much time picking up
bonus coins because speed is a plus in completing the mission,
you will be graded on how well you do in the three areas-Fighting Skills,Speed and Time needed to finish.

The kids will definately enjoy it especially if they are Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtle fans.......and for $50 bucks,can't beat that.

This is just a simple and fun beat'em up game for ALL to play.