Short and not so sweet

User Rating: 3.8 | TMNT X360
Story: Well the story of the TMNT game basically follows the film, the game takes place after Shredder's defeat, with the team essentially broken as Leonardo is training in Central America, Donatello and Michelangelo have jobs, and Raphael spends his time as the vigilante crimefighter **** Leonardo returns when Max Winters, an immortal warrior who tried to take over the world 3,000 years ago, begins hunting for alien beasts and stone statues of his former Generals. However, tensions begin to rise between Raphael and Leonardo over the leadership of the team.


Gameplay: This is the major flaw in the game, the gameplay of this game is very rudimentary and extremely poor. The Game uses 1 button for all actions related to movement and another for fighting, all the fighting is mapped to b so in fighting situations which aren't very often you just randomly tap or hold b and if you are lucky my get to do a double team and hold x. The jumping, wall running and climbing is all done with the a button which at times can be very frustrating as you may want to jump a gap but instead end up sicking to the wall and going farther than you wanted therefore missing your ledge and dieing. The game blatantly copies prince of Persia in how it plays so why cant they map the controls similar, it would have made things alot easier control wise. The Game is also very short it took me all of 3 hours to finish so i would recommend renting this. The only plus side of this game that i see is that it has pretty easy achievement points.

Game play: 2/10

Graphics.: The cut scenes are pretty good, they are scenes from the film remixed and also some additional ones which are set out like a comic book. But in game graphics on the 360 version anyway are pretty poor, i don't know if it a straight PS2 port o what but they are the worst of the next gen so dfar imho.

Graphics: 5/10