Excellent game for time-pass but not for the hardcore thing.

User Rating: 7.5 | TMNT PC
Well once again there is a movie to game adaptation. Although this one was made in 2007, I got to know about it now. This game is based on the famous Turtles whom we have seen in comics and TV shows. The theme has been taken from there but I've heard that the story is taken from the TMNT movie also released in 2007. The game is descent, although it has some flaws and I have still not seen the movie, I can't tell much about the similarity of the game and movie.

The game's story is not the best thing in it. Since I tried the demo, I didn't get much of the story. It's not told in a good manner and it isn't very exciting. The only gettable thing of the story in the demo is that the turtles have gone public and they are famous and feel powerful. But they are not having that brotherhood bond. So they need some practice with each other to help and save the city with each other. That's it. Because the demo only let's you play for about 7 minutes, you can only make this much of the story from the demo. I'm really not impressed by the way it is told. I would say that as pathetic, as there was nothing that could be truly called a video or even text that would depict the video. There may be such thing in the full version, (in the later part of the game) but there was nothing like that in the demo. (Mind you that the story told here is not 100% correct, I believe.)

Apart from the story, there are some other tiny flaws in the game. Since it is an action-platforming game made by Ubisoft, the same men behind the Prince of Persia series, this game has many things similar to that. The acrobatics are very similar and so are the bad camera angles. The camera angles pose quite a challenge during the platforming activities and it hurts the game very much as it seems more of a platforming game rather than action. The graphics in the game are very descent and look very good. The voices that have been lent in the game are also very good. There was no sort of menu layout throughout the demo, right from the beginning. This was not good in anyway, as things like these are very basic and simply cannot be omitted. The other problem was the enemy as it was too easy to dodge them and kill them. They are not very smart and I found it very easy to kill them. Moreover, in my 7 minutes experience of the game, I thought that the enemy never comes to kill you, but rather just hurt you a little bit and fail your combat.

Besides these things, TMNT can be a very good time pass game. It's mainly targeted at younger audience, and should satisfy them in my thinking. You can play as all the four turtles throughout the game, but the interesting thing here is you can only control one turtle at a time, and moreover you won't see the rest of the turtles on the screen. Meaning, there are no computer controlled turtles in the game. Instead, you will play as a single character in the starting, and you will see a meter on top right corner of the screen. Every time you jump, that meter starts filling up, and once it is full, a turtle joins you. That meter will stay there until all the other three turtles join you. But as I said, there are no computer controlled turtles in the game, so once you have more than one turtle in your league, you can change your character in control by pressing the 'alt key. For example: If you have Raphael in control and you want to change yourself into Leonardo, you can do so by pressing 'alt. There are not many cool attacks, just one single combo for each character. Each of the combo for each character is different, but the problem there is only one combo, leaving you with not many choices. It is only in these combos that you see 2 turtles in actions but not for a long time. Since, I have already said that the AI is not at all great, you won't die very often, and if you just keep pressing the attack button with the regular combo attack, you could easily defeat the enemies and completing the game should be a cakewalk.

The graphics in the game (as I have already said) is descent. It's not ultra realistic but is nice. I particularly thought that the lighting in the game was very good. But you can't enhance much graphics, as there isn't a menu and moreover, whatever you try in-game, you could only increase or decrease the brightness in the game. There is not much music in the game, but that isn't a problem with me. Overall, I would say that TMNT isn't a bad game at all. It's just that its flaws mar the whole experience and leave you a bit unsatisfied. Younger audience may like the game but other hardcore gamers may be disappointed.