TMNT will be one to intertain the kids but will leave you dissapointed

User Rating: 5.5 | TMNT X360
So after renting TMNT and beating i can say its Not all bad and not all good the gameplay hass you play as the ninja turtals and you go threw these levels that wlll have you jump climb run on walls wich its prety boring but when the combat comes its pretty easy but its fun it throws a bunch of enimeis on screen and you wail on them you can do co-op combos with the other turtels and special moves wich over all makes it kinda fun.the graphcis have that kinda comic book style but can make it anoying cause you will be the only colord thing on the screen while everything else is black and white wich makes it on appeling. The sound has the lame voice acting of each TMNT wich is kinda anoying so the value the game is over in about 6 hours and theres no replay value in the game so its bassicly 1 to rent for achivements.