Too short, too easy.

User Rating: 5 | TMNT X360
I'm afraid this game just fell into one of those "Movie" titles. The developers and designers obviously did not have enough time to do a good job with this game. I must admit that I really did enjoy the fact that the gameplay is super fast paced. You can go through a stage and not stop once. The characters are very agile and that really impressed me. Sometimes it is good that you have to go in one direction only. In this case, the entire game is like that. I won't say it is the best point of the game, but if you are looking to just run around, navigate some traps and try to get through stages as fast as possible, it is a good thing.

The Graphics for the game was okay. Some stages are better than other when you look at it, but all and all the look is not too bad.

Sound ... no. The story line, in the first place, is quetionable. I don' t even think there was one as a matter of fact, and the Turtles keep making all these comments in the background as if they were in a story or telling a story. I really did not like that. Other times they would actually just be talking junk.

The game is way to short. I think I finished the original game mode in like 3 hours. It's too short and too easy. Bosses are not a challenge to beat and the stages are easy to navigate.

All and all, I don't think the game sucked, but it really was not one of the best games out there. If you have a kiddy you need entertaining, this is the game for you.