TMNT: The Arcade Game would be a better alternative than this.

User Rating: 6 | TMNT X360
I have to admit one of the reasons I started playing this game was because of the movie. I really like the story and the CGI. Added bonus was getting easy achievement points. Now after watching the opening credits I see the game was made from Ubisoft Montreal, this is the same place that developed and produced Assassin's Creed. Immediately my expectations became very high. When the intro started and the opening sequences appeared, I started to realize I was wrong.

Game play:
The game play is rather basic but fun. You control the turtles with each having his unique weapon and special move. There are not many fighting moves. Pressing the same button repeatedly does different attack moves but does the same damage. Only in the later stages you will get to switch between turtles. There are 17 Stages in the game, the locations might be different but you basically do the same thing. You navigate a turtle across obstacles such as buildings, sewers, lane ways and pits while trying to fall to your death. This reminds me a lot like Tomb Raider style games. While most obstacles are easy, some do damage to you. Usually after a few obstacles you end up in an area where bad guys are waiting for you. These guys are extremely easy, you usually get more damage from toxic slime than these foot ninjas. The bosses are even easier as their AI is very weal and they do the same sequences of moves very 30 seconds.

Decent graphics. A jungle is a jungle and a building is a building. You do get the sense of heights when walking around. You can tell it's a water fall or a sewer water running. Obstacles and walls that you can climb on and over do look realistic. One thing that is very hard is the camera angles. You cannot change the view, it's a set view that makes it hard to know where the next ledge is. Also the static view makes it a little difficult to se all the bad guys around you.

Sound and Music:
Music score is pretty decent nothing grand but does not annoy either. The sounds are pretty good, the splash of water are realistic. The grunts from fighting are there. I even like when one of the foot ninjas whistles and tries to call you over to fight him.

There is not difficulty setting. The game does not get harder as the game goes on. You can do all the special moves from the beginning; there is no leveling the turtles to get stronger. There are only a few moments where bad camera angles make it hard for you to know where to land. Even then if you die you start from the last saved checkpoint and continue. There are unlimited continues until you get the job done, so you try anything without fear of losing position.

Final Thoughts:
Wish it was longer, I finished this game in about 4 hours of gametime. This game could have been a lot better. The turtles could have been improved to have different attacks or combos. There is no multiplayer not even a co-op, this is wasted opportunity since there is 4 turtles that could be used at the same time. The bosses could have been a lot harder. Free roaming the city and the city sewers would have been fun. Random encounters also would have been great. The cut scenes could also have been animated instead of them flipping through a comic showing scenes while talking about it.
This game had a lot of potential but failed to capitalize on it. It seemed something pieced together to get release date to coincide with the movie premier.