Some great level designs and dialogue are present in TMNT but it can all lead to one frustrating experience.

User Rating: 6.3 | TMNT X360
TMNT seems to be that sort-of game that kids will just love. It can be a great experience for anyone but the designs of some levels lead to frustration. There are sixteen levels to complete. Some of the very first levels should be completed in a matter of minutes. As you progress, things may get a bit more trickier and with more fights you can see this becoming a repetitive process.

The very first level introduces you to many elements of how the game works (a tutorial if you like). It is rather easy to pick this title up and learn how it controls in a short amount of time. You have the typical button to jump, attack and call for help. Jumping, like some other games can be done twice. So, if you're in the air you can make one further jump to help you get across a gap. Later, you learn each character's moves. There isn't really that much to the fighting in this game. You come across many fights throughout the game but in the end this proves to be a repetitive and annoying process to go through. You may find it easier to change turtles every now and then but this is not always an option present.

One major annoyance is the fixed camera. You cannot control the camera even though it looks like you can being a 3D platforming game. The camera will automatically move for you when you progress. It can often help you where to go next (since the camera sometimes zooms in to particular location) but sometimes the view is just silly. It can often take many tries to jump over something because of the way the camera is positioned.

Everytime you complete a level, the turtles go over what has happened. The voice acting is neat and clear. The story is outlined in a comic book which details what has been done in that level. Some often funny jokes are inserted here and there - primarily aimed at kids. Dialogue is present throughout the levels. You'll often hear sarcastic comments from the turtles but it gets old quickly. The main reason is because sometimes they'll repeatedly say the same quotes over and over in the same level.

Some parts of the levels require you to use a specific turtle. One can get through bars, another can climb up walls and another can hover for a limited time - these elements can help you out a bit. For the most part, you will be jumping and climbing. There are a few fights but the main focus here is on the platforming. The reason why it can become frustrating for when you are trying to jump is because of the camera. You need to get the timing right of a jump otherwise your turtle will fall to a death. Fights are pretty easy to get through but if you ever are struggling you can always use a tag-team move or ground pound the floor to move some of the enemies away. There are some boss fights that may be a bit tricky at first but once you're used to them they're pretty easy to master.

Now, unfortunately the graphics don't hold up well for being on an Xbox 360. Sure, it's not supposed to be a graphics intensive game but some more details could of been put into the environments and characters. There are occasional frame rate drops that occur sometimes too. TMNT proves to be quite a good game aimed for kids mainly but anyone can just quickly jump into it. The action is pretty much over before you know it - you're looking at maybe 4-5 hours of getting through this.

As for achievements, these are all pretty simple to get. Many of them occur when you complete a level, use a character's special move for the first time and finding your first gold coin. The only "difficult" one here would be to get through a level without taking no damage.