The Xbox 360 port of "Titanfall" is a good one.

User Rating: 8 | Titanfall X360

I remember when "Titanfall" was being marketed as the killer Xbox One exclusive. It was being touted as a game changer from the makers of "Call of Duty". I bought into the hype and bought the Xbox 360 version since I didn't own the Xbox One at the time. And like many others, I was initially impressed by it, only to be disappointed by its lack of depth. Lacking a single player story mode, "Titanfall" was the first of many next-gen blockbuster shooters that featured online matches only. Fast-paced and extremely chaotic, it certainly evolved the formula established by COD, but doesn't contain its replay value. Content-wise, the 360 version is a straight port of the Xbox One game; it captures the experience almost perfectly. But graphically, it is inferior with a lower resolution and framerate, less colors and more popup.

For the uninitiated, "Titanfall" matches play out like "Modern Warfare" except with mechs and movement straight out of "Mirror's Edge". It's a fast, fluid shooter that unfortunately only supports 6 player Vs. 6 player battles. Bots populate the maps to make up for the lack of real players. As you make kills, you fill up a bar that will eventually reward you with a mech. Each solider carries a primary weapon, a sidearm and an anti-mech cannon. As you finish matches, you are given "burn cards" that give your solider timed abilities such as more powerful firearms or faster movement. And just like in "Call of Duty", you'll unlock different weapons and items as you rank up. The game was constantly updated to include additional mini-challenges, burn cards and a "horde"-like survival mode.

In the end, "Titanfall" is a very good shooter that just didn't have much to keep players invested. After about 25 hours of play, you'd probably experienced everything it has to offer. According to reviews, the developers have fixed the major issues and made a great sequel in "Titanfall 2". However, if you have yet to get an Xbox One, but want to see what "Titanfall" is all about, then the 360 version isn't all that bad. It does have a lengthy install process every time you boot it up, but the port is solid. I'd rank it with an 8.3 out of 10.