Look above!

User Rating: 9 | Titanfall PC

Titanfall is an excellent, fresh, high skill cap game designed for higly competitive players. Just glance at the likes of warspirituk or frothy omen effortlessly flying over different maps with incredible speed securing close to impossible kills. After playing over 900 hours I regularly come back to it as no other fps requires as much focus, spatial awareness and movement rhythm as Titanfall does.

The Titanfall's most innovative features are:

- the possibility to briefly run on the wall, enabling high degree of freedom in vertical movement. Bouncing off the wall also increases movement speed allowing for some insane acceleration gains.

- the inclusion of Titans; these mechs add numerous strategical and tactical choices;

- the addition of NPC soldiers; these provide some moderate firepower; alarm about enemy proximity and can be killed for additional points.

The mix of all three enables some epic, fulfilling moments rarely seen in other FPS games.

Weapons, soldier/titan abilities and maps are very well designed although there are no major surprises there.

The game is already quite old with only a few hundreds players logged in on average. However, a small community of highly skilled players still battles together in adrenaline pumping, sweat inducing style.

For some reviewers the key issue with Titanfall is the absence of Single Player campaign. For myself, and many other hardcore FPS player the more needed would be a long-term vision catering to competitive community. The gen-leveling system is great way to encourage players to learn various play styles, but there is no reasonable follow up after you reach Gen-10.

Overall, it's highly recommended for fans of Quake, Quake 2, Warsow or Overwatch.