A lot of potential for the next "Halo"

User Rating: 7 | Titanfall XONE

The sound track really helps bring the action to life. It molds perfectly with it.

You can notice a few frame rate issues as well as a couple of bugs here and there. On the whole however, The game looks great.

Game play:
You play as a human parkouring around killing other players until you have waited enough time for a TItan to drop (hence the name Titanfall). You then enter your Titan and cause all the ruckus you want. It's a pretty awesome game to play and very addictive.

Online only. No campaign at all and no real story line either. Game play is addictive and fun. Doesn't feature a lot of maps. Maps are pretty basic and doesn't show much creativity or originality. Lack of original game modes is disappointing. Burn cards add a nice twist to the game play to keep it from getting stale. You'll end up getting bored of it after a while, It's not the kind of game you put more than 60 hours into.

Overall: 7/10
Titanfall is a good and enjoyable game for the most part. I think the lack of content is disappointing and it would be nice to see more added into the sequel. Also, Add a single player campaign of some kind that offers perks for the multiplayer, That'd be a huge plus. As a whole, It definitely has potential to be the next hit series.