Fall into the action!

User Rating: 8 | Titanfall XONE

Titanfall is a title that I think could take anyone by surprise, as it definitely has caught me off guard. In a market filled with shooters, at first sight Titanfall looks like a generic, cliche, Call-of-Duty esque run and gun shooter with some basic game modes... a perk system... upgrades & loadouts with a sci-fi theme. But it's not just that.

Upon first starting the game you play through a tutorial. After you finish it, Titanfall drops you straight into the thick of multiplayer action. If you are familiar with shooters, you will probably grow comfortable with the controls quickly. Some additional mechanics in Titanfall include wallrunning, double jumping, climbing, zip-lining, and using some of Titanfall's varied soldier "abilities" at your kit's disposal. Not to mention the ever exciting "Titanfall" where you issue an order to drop a "Titan" near your location. Using the Titan in Titanfall is intuitive, incorporating solider controls so making using a Titan similar to the way you would fight as a human with some minor differences.

The Titans in Titanfall make for some intense rumbles in multiplayer action. In a titan, you will often find yourself either making life miserable for enemy soldiers or fighting in a brutal clash with the other enemy titans. Some of the tactics employed by titans normally consist of gunning down puny humans, stepping on them, firing an assortment of weapons at other titans, or if the fight gets really frisky in close quarters, it often ends in a Titan manfight with Titans punching each other out.

Titanfall's multiplayer modes don't offer too much difference aside from what you normally expect, the most popular one being Attrition, similar to Team Deathmatch, Attrition is scored based on how many enemy units your team destroys. (+5 for a Titan, +4 for a solider, +1 for NPC units)

Probably the most disappointing aspect of the game is it does not have a typical "campaign" mode, rather it is incorporated as a separate multiplayer mode where you are mission briefed before simply playing a multiplayer map. Personally I would have liked to see a classic campaign but this doesn't detract from the game much.

Overall a great shooter and currently $5 with Xbox live gold. Can't beat that.