For 19.99 how can you go wrong

User Rating: 10 | Titanfall XONE
I'm not a Cod fan I like r6 and bf. This game is so much fun I can see if you paid 60 for this at launch and was like their should be more game. For 19.99 its a no brainer. The controls feel so good smashing a titan and ripping the pilot out to squeeze him to death even better. Sniping....out of nowhere I'm turned around looking at the enemy but my body didn't follow only my head. If you had any reservations about this game the price should solve all of that 19.99 its the best deal out people still play there is between 4000-6000 at any given time you can always get a a game now is the time I'm so glad I waited for all the maps for a discounted price. One knock no destructible environments.