A game that's very familiar, but in alot of ways all it's own.

User Rating: 8 | Titanfall PC

Titanfall is a very addictive and fast paced game. But it's not worth 20$. Trust me get this game on sale or used. Now for the "details". So, as you know this game is "multiplayer only" which means you'll have to have somebody on the other team to play any of the 6 game modes available. Game modes are Attrition, Hardpoint, Capture The Flag, Last Titan Standing, Pilot Hunter, and Campaign (which is pretty much just Hardpoint with a briefing before the game). When a game ends (on any of the modes) the team that loses the match must race to an extraction zone, it ends up being an every man for himself sort of gig for the defeated team.There are 15 maps available to play right of the bat, all of them have fantastic level design and have many ways to go around (Don't bother with DLC no one plays the maps). 12 players is the maximum amount for all game modes, Spectres and Grunts serve as the cannon fodder and filler of your teams, but they can still kill you. Pilots are the ones you play as. They can wall run, double jump, Sprint, zip line, hang, and even equip abilities that make them go invisible, see through walls or enhance any of the basic maneuvers. Titans can be summoned after a certain amount of time or points have been reached, once you have summoned one you can then pilot them. It entirely changes the way you play the game, from moving to managing your health and even the role you take on for you team. Titans also have classes that can be customized from a decent selection of weapons and perks. Before every round starts you get to choose up 3 Burn Cards that you can use once any time of the game, they affect your Titan and Pilot's XP, damage, and capabilities on the battleground. While there are plenty of things to do in Titanfall you do end up wishing there was more to it, because after playing the game for a week or even a couple of hours you notice it's a little "repetitive", and It would of been nice to have a split-screen feature but then again we rarely see that in games these days. Though keep in mind these are only small problems, because it's a very good game. So my final word on this review is, If you just want to have some quick fun and your ok dealing with some minor hiccups, get this game...NOW! But do keep in mind it's just a little shallow on the content.