Casual arcade game

User Rating: 4 | Titanfall PC

This game was really fun for the first 2 hours. After that, I already felt like I had pretty much done everything there was to do. I was pretty skeptical of this game when I purchased it, but I decided to give it a shot anyways.

When I fired the game up, the first thing I did was check out the unlocks, weapons, upgrades, etc. that were available. There is not much to unlock in this game, between like 6-8 main weapons, 4 pistols, a few titan upgrades and special perks that you can count one hand. I was pretty discouraged immediately; the menus are identical to Call of Duty, with 3 standard loadouts and then some custom loadouts that you unlock (both for your titan and your pilot). That might sound pretty cool, but remember, there's almost nothing to choose from when customizing.

When I finished my first game, I said to myself "wow, that was actually pretty fun." The game-play is actually quite good, it runs pretty smoothly, the combat seems decently balanced, and there is some fun to be had running up walls and jumping on to a titan, blowing it up, then gun battling the ejected pilot in mid air. The bullet registration is actually pretty good as well; I was able to hit targets that were far away or moving at high speeds (or both).

The main problem with this game is that there is no depth. After literally 2-3 hours of gameplay and only a few glimpses of the loadout menus, I already knew everything there was to unlock, and had already unlocked half of it. The random couple of things that remained were about 2 weapons and a few perks that are unlocked when you reach higher levels. Literally by the time you're level 20 (which is really easy, you can gain 2 levels in 1, 10 minute match even when you're level 13) you've basically completed the game.

This game should have been advertised as a casual shooter and sold for $20. It is the type of game I could see myself hopping on for an hour or so every once in a while when I'm bored; it's easy to hop right into the combat and just have some fun blowing up titans. The problem is that the game is $60, an absolutely absurd price for what you actually get with Titanfall. There's just simply nothing to look forward to as you play, and little incentive to even get to the max level.

The graphics are nothing special, I run the game on max settings and some of the textures still look absolutely terrible. Not that the game overall looks terrible, it doesn't, but then again it doesn't look incredible or ground-breaking either.

I would suggest avoiding this game altogether if you're a serious gamer. I only bought this game because I was looking for something new to play and possibly get into. Sadly, I have already uninstalled after 24 hours and requested a refund (something I WOULDN'T be doing if the game was $20). I just can't justify spending $60 on a casual arcade style game. If you are looking for that next game to dive into and spend hundreds of hours mastering and dominating your opponents, I don't think Titanfall is that game.This one goes right into the pile of over-hyped disappointments.

I wouldn't be so harsh as to give the game a 4 if it wasn't trying to advertise itself as something that it's not - a revolutionary/ground-breaking FPS. Gamespot giving this game a 9/10 really makes me question whether or not these idiot reviewers even play videogames.

Pros: Fun combat / Good bullet registration / Exciting destruction

Cons: Gets boring fast / Very little to unlock / Limited game modes / Nothing to keep you coming back / Very casual / Minimal teamwork / $60 is way overpriced for this title / Random, non-tactical combat / Extremely easy / Little skill involved / No depth for non-casual gamers / No sense of "Mastering" your opponents / Reminds me way too much of CoD, with even less customization