Disappointed. Yet, some fun is to be had. $60 is a steep price for this game (not enough content to justify).

User Rating: 6 | Titanfall XONE

There are several annoying aspects of the game. First, the 60+ second set-up for a new match is too long. I found that once a game is over, just quit to lobby and find another match - you jump right in to another match in progress. It takes about 10-15 seconds with this method. Second, It's too bad that there isn't a local two player with bots set up. I cannot count how many times I played Black Ops I and II with a friend against 9 bots on Veteran. Third, playing the multiplayer campaign was annoying at best. It's like playing a FPS with someone reading very loudly in your ear a story that seems to be unrelated or irrelevant of what you are actually doing. The scenery changes, but the objective is the same; kill the other team. Once you drop from the ship, it's run, jump+jump, kill and kill again. The story is pathetic. Note: The game was only intended to be an online FPS. I know that, but the content really does not justify the price tag of $60. This game should have been a $39.99 game at best. I finished the MP Campaign and reached level 9. Played online for about 2 hours more and got to level 21. The only positive and new addition are the Burn Cards as you can use them anytime if you selected them earlier.

Overall. This game deserves a 5 to 8 rating at best. Anyone who goes higher is delusional. Anyone who goes lower is a moron. I played games rated 1 to 4 and they are horrible (this is not one of them). This game is just a bit better than Mediocre (even if the game had been cheaper).

I'm stuck with this game now. I hope the DLC content is good. If it's just a few maps, another Titan and Pilot accessories, I'm not buying the content. If there is some sort of back story into why we are playing the game, then maybe, just maybe I'll stick around. If not, I see a trade from Gamestop coming in the near future.