Found it Wanting

User Rating: 7 | Titanfall XONE

I played the beta for two days before this game came out on my friends Xbone. I was trying to decide whether I would purchase the bundle or not. I went to the midnight event with my friend and had played it for about 3 hours when we got home. I didn't want to write a review based on the beta and I know my time with the full game was limited, but I feel that I got the jest of the game. It took me two days and three hours to determine that this was much like any other shooter. I am not the most avid online shooter fan, but was willing to give Titanfall a try because of the hype. What was really a let down, which I knew coming into the game, was the lack of single player. I know a game does not need to add something to make it awesome, but I felt that that is exactly what I was missing. I wanted a story. I wanted meaning to my killing spree. I wanted characters I loved or hated. As good as Titanfall is, it has the repetition of any shooter in the genre. You respawn kill or be killed, then respawn rinse and repeat. The biggest difference, most fun and spontaneous moments are when Titans are present. As good as these Titans are, they do not justify the $500 needed to play on an Xbone, which leads to another down-fall. If the PC version is technically superior and the 360 version will have a larger online community, then I only see people that already own an Xbone purchasing this game.