Fast, Fun, And Fresh

User Rating: 8 | Titanfall PC

A lot of people have tried to complain and whine about how "Titanfall is just like COD" and blah, blah, blah. I played COD and didn't care for it. But Titanfall is tons of fun. The game isn't as revolutionary as it's being made out to be. From one point of view, it feels a bit limited, with it being relegated to a multiplayer only campaign and series of matches. It certainly has it's negative points. The campaign is short and repetitive, when it could have been creative. But the game overall is a blast to play. It's fast and moves like no other FPS out there, almost forcing you to climb vertically if you want to survive. Half the fun comes from the speed of the game. Much of it also comes from not only piloting a Titan, but from taking on Titans as a ground troop. It packs a certain amount of tension and makes for an excellent time. Taking down a Titan while on foot is exhilirating and there's little like it in the FPS market.

Piloting a Titan is also a lot of fun, with the game playing less like a Mechwarrior/Hawken simulator, and more like and arcade/FPS game. The variety of combat between your Titan and playing on ground gives for a varied session. There are plenty of maps to play. Where the game suffers is in it's cliche objective modes. You play standard FPS style matches which take little advantage of the games core idea. Where we could have seen varied, more original, and interesting objectives, we instead get things like Deathmatch, CTF, and Point Capturing. However, the gameplay is so much fun that, unless you have OCD issues, it should keep any FPS fan entertained.

While the game doesn't take full advantage of it's unique spin on competitive FPS gameplay, it does enough different to make it fun, fresh, and furious. Piloting a Titan is awesome, taking one down even more so. The game promises a great future with advancements and new additions that will surely come. Ignore the naysayers, the game is most definitely a blast to play.