Veritas Gaming is Recruiting (XBO and PC)

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Veritas Gaming is recruiting mature and loyal players for Titanfall for Xbox One and PC to join our worldwide community. If you are age 16+ and have a microphone, visit

Veritas Gaming was established in 2010 with a focus on providing a fair and structured community for members to play competitively or casually. We work hard to provide a mature and non-discriminating environment for everyone regardless of skill level. We respect one another and aim to please all members. Our forums are transparent, and we expect our staff to be professional and courteous. We value hard work and commitment and strive to recognize and reward these efforts.

[url=]Rule and Regs[/url]

There are three different types of Veritas Gaming Members:

1. Structured: Either competitive or casual, structured members are the core of VG. You will be required to attend 5 practices a month.

2. Flexible: For members who like to regularly participate in multiple supported games. ([b]If you're signing up for Titanfall, please sign up as a Flexible Member, and note in your registration that you are signing up for Titanfall.[/b])

3. Community: For people who simply wish to join the forums and participate in the discussion.





The Titanfall Staff

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Check us out today! Always recruiting! Xbox One and PC! :)

Dollah Brillz