Think the Multiplayer will be good?

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If you watch the Stage 1 sign-off of Gamespot's E3 stage show, Jeff Gerstmann and Justin Calvert mention how they got to play it behind closed doors, and they seemed super excited about it and how fun it was - a highlight of the show for each of them. Shows that the quality of what we saw on-screen translates into quality gameplay. So yes, I sure think that it's going to be good :P
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Hopefully that merge of Single and Multiplayer into the same game doesn't cause a loss of story-line. I want a multiplayer game that has the story-line of Halo 1-2-3 but the gameplay of Halo 2+COD:MW.

I am getting more excited for this game though as I hear more and more about it.

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I was taking a stab at the fact that the game is multi-player only so the multiplayer better be good! But yea, I do see that they are implementing single player elements in to the multiplayer. I think it's going to be awesome.
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Is it just this 6 v 6 they've announced? Is it just less fun teams, or a decent free-for-all, too?

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Does anyone know how many people can play at once with Titanfall on Xbox One.LIVE of course.

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Dream on kid wont happen, at least not for this game, mp and single player have never been shown to truly mesh together sucessfully, you wont get a quality story line out of this but will still be fun to play anyways.

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Im playing beta on PC and there is only 6 vs 6 team and the rest npc :S

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What did you expect? Didn't you read the previews?

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I think this game will be more overhyped and over-rated than dishonoured.

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I read an article stating that the "campaign mode" is designed to give you a couple hours with each faction and then be forgotten. I think it was in last month's Game Informer.