So thankful this is coming to PC

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Saves me from the chains of the Xone. Definitely upgrading my comp and picking this up for PC.

Anyone else breathe a sigh of release when they heard it was coming to PC?

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Same here. No way I'd buy an Xbox One


I read that Titanfall may come to PS4 because Respawn has a timed exclusivity agreement with Microsoft, though I'm not sure where I read it. I'm also curious to see the Xbox 360 version

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Why would you not buy an Xbox one?

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Why will you buy a  XB One?

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Honestly guys I'am confused.Does it have a single player campaign or is it online only?

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@gamefreak215jd: Pretty sure it's online only.

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You are gonna spend a lot more upgrading your pc to play titanfall on the best setting even though I'm pretty sure it wont matter by that much. I got an xbox one and ps4, like both of them, but titanfall isn't really next gen material the fact that the 360 will likely look the same on it is nuff said.

Still it's a fun game to hold us over till more exclusive triple A titles like Halo 5 and Gears of War come out..though not sure what gears has in store for us, was really disappointed with judgement day.