Single Player/Solo or Multiplayer Only??

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What is the problem with GameSpot and/or Metacritic making it clear up-front in their review synopsis and/or in the game specs easily seen if a title is multiplayer only or if there is a single player campaign or not? There was nothing wrong listing games 'single player' and/or 'mulitplayer' but NO, now you've got to make it a f-ing secret. And if it is multiplayer online only you can still make it obvious or not whether one could play a solo roll and stay clear of PvP or not such as Guild Wars 2 successfully does. Even 'Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition', once logged in and verified allowed the player to go offline and play a solo game without worrying about PvP.

I've spent half an hour determining that Titanfall has no single player campaign which means I've lined it off my list of games to play. Thanks a lot for making this process clear as mud!

[I have no idea where this is being posted or how it has been categorized. The game I'm concerned with is 'Titanfall'. Under that title I clicked on the Forums link and was taken to this location. Is GameSpot still in a mess?]