Is this too similiar to Blacklight Retribution?

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Firstyl, dayuuum that game looks good, and so pleased its coming to PC, albeit later. BUT, I seem to be the only guy who notices the vast amount of similaritys from the new Titanfall, and Blacklight Retribution released last year as a freemium, and actualy quite a fun game. Titanfall: , Blacklight: . The helmets look the same, there is one in titanfall that looks a carbon copy of the engineer mercenary's helmet, the costumes look the same, the body movement is the same, the guns have the same style, the scopes, there are two which look almost identical. Both have gear which can make you cloak, both have the same colour theme, orange and blue, both have "mechs", titans and hard suits respectively, even the Titans animation for being called to the ground from above is identical to that in Blacklight. AND GEE, Titanfall even has a AI character called "Spectre" @1:31-1:33, that looks like the twin of this Blacklight Mercenary @0:52. Am I the only person who is noticing this, am I mad, nope, I've been to the madhouse, legally declared sane FTW, maybe I'm looking into it to much, but you cant deny the similarities.
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Actually after watching the game play several times it reminds me of a 1st person version of MechAssault 2. Where the pilot can jump in and out of the Mech, fight the mech on his own, and where there's Mech to Mech combat. Of cause there are differences since Mechassault 2 came out for the original Xbox but if you could check out the trailers for both TitanFall looks like the next gen upgrade to this old game.

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The Titans remind me of the Gears in the Heavy Gear series, about the same height and design. I was waiting for a modern day remake. this might just make due.

Seeing as these guys were the ones that brought us COD back when it was actually awesome I have high hopes for Titanfall.