Anyone else feel it wasn't worth the hype?

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hey everyone, i don't know about you but i played titanfall for a solid 10 hours! the first day it was out, and having unlocked most things already, the game feels like its getting stale real quick. I don't know if its me getting older and being harder to keep entertained, but i feel like its just not what i was expecting. Anyone else feel that way??

I know this is xbox one's big chance to sell some consoles but its not a game worth getting a pricey system over. I love my xbox one and am happy with the changes that have been made to improve upon things and still love it over the PS4, but titanfall isn't a GROUND BREAKING revolutionary game. Kinda feel microsoft may have paid off some reviewers lol, one site gave it sorry, but no, 70% maybe but thats it. But thats not me!, Ill still play it but it didn't fulfill all the expectations i had :(. Anyone else feel this way?

Hopefully Destiny or The Division will end up being what im hoping for!

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Well you played it for 10 hours straight....tells me you dont have much of a career going so you have a lot more time for games like this than I do.

I will agree overhyped with such low content not really worth full price considering the story is pointless and just background noise but it's still fun but for me it's the players that make it stale not the game itself. You got elitist who have insulted me or being a level 2 when I just got the game and only played for like an hour tops so far which just made me laugh I just said well lets see you are a level 40 who probably works for minimum wage, I am a skilled welder who works 12 hours a day for almost the whole week...6 days so ya the game wont get stale for me so quick since I dont have as much time as others to play it!

Still a fun game worth getting but 60 dollars for a mp only game is rather steep.

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yea, the lack of variety in this game is staggering. there are few modes. and the games are all too short! the longest would be CTF. but in that mode the titans and pilots are very unbalanced. a titan can have the flag and dip out way to easily.

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I agree. So far I'm very disappointed with titanfall. I really wish I read up on this game a little more before I bought it. I know a lot of gamers don't really care about singleplayer but I love it. The campaign mode is absolute garbage. The multiplayer isn't horrible but I'm already getting bored quickly. There aren't many weapons or abilities/perks, whatever you want to call them. The game is alright but I really don't think it deserves the 9 rating gamespot gave it or all the things about it breaking new ground in multiplayer shooters. Imo, there isn't really anything revolutionary or groud breaking about it.

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lol i had the day off which is why i played so many hours, im level 50 now and feel like putting the game down. It wont be like how BF4 was for me, playing daily and keep coming back for more. Im sure there will be a Titanfall 2, and if they add a story mode, destructible environments, more weapons, different kinds of titans for the imc and militia forces. Then maybe it would deserve some of the better reviews its been getting. Actually tempted to go back to plants vs zombies which is just sad..

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I'm not that disappointed because I wasn't expecting much to begin with. I knew full well that this game would never be able to live up to the enormous expectations the media was creating for it. The game is pretty barebones in content and the gameplay itself truly does feel like COD with mechs.

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Only reasons I have this game is because I have no other shooter to play besides RO2 and because I only paid 39$ for it.

Besides that the game has many issues.

1st, for such a fast paced game, the performance should be flawless, and it isn't, even tho I have triple what it takes to run the game.

2nd, shitty hit detection and netcode. I often look at the killcam when I think I shouldn't of had died and kill the guy, I see him killing me even tho his crosshair is no where near close to me.

3th, what the **** is up with the wait time between matches. A match lasts what, 10-12 mins and you have to wait 2mins with loading before getting in a new game ?

4th, why the **** your character always cocks the gun everytime you switch weapon even tho it's already fucking ready to fire. Fucking devs watched too many movies...

5th, can't mute players once the match had started ? (if there is a way I haven't found out yet)

6th, no where near enough maps. And they want to make us pay 25$ for "new" maps that we probably should of got in the first palce now...

7th, female characters smaller and harder to hit.

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you forgot to mention the amazing kicks that you die from several times a match lol. Its amazing how powerful the human foot can be even after im unloading massive amounts of bullets through it. If you are anywhere around the person when they kick, you pretty much die, gets annoying.

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jack00 has a great point...the all the game offers pretty much that was fun playing since people didn't have a clear advantage over you...I regret buying it now wasn't worth the money, not enough content and I refuse to pay for dlc not at that price that they are wanting, for a hugely hyped next gen game this should have looked a lot better, had twice as many maps and modes, had realistic effects, more than just a puny 3 titans, more perks and weapons and classes available, should have more than just a titan for a vehicle use....this game has so much missing I know they had to have been paid off to give the game a 9/10, which is bullshit they are just getting people to shell out 60 bucks for a half assed game. Shame on you ign I honestly hope this site eventually just shuts down and a new more interesting unbiased site comes out of the blue....a guy can dream.

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IMO the whole Xbox One and PS4 are not worth the Hype and I own both. I have seen no ground breaking leap in graphics or gameplay of either console. I think when one was trying to capitalize on "next gen" gaming the other was forced to follow suit. The 360 and ps3 are just fine and next gen systems could have easily waited for 2 more years for further graphics and processing the current speed of graphics and processing speed development 2 years would have been light years from what both consoles now are utilizing.....its a shame they settled....and the consumer is left with what could have been and another 5-10 years for a "next gen" system that will really knock your socks off......

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@ incubus your right about the kick...I was playing and someone came up and kicked me and I was dead, lol....not injured, but dead, lol......that should be fixed.......

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true true jefferson, i just hate how each time a new console comes out, the arguing gets so intense for each game that comes out. The system is still new so theres time to get a grasp on what each system is capable of. I don't think because titanfall doesn't live up to the hype, that xbox one is DOOOOOMED or anything like that. But as for a next gen game, its just, mehh.

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I have to agree repetitive. The campaign is also poor if you are not good at FPS as others fulfil the objectives.

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I definetly think it was worth the hype, this is the best fps game ive played since i was younger and played CS

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For me this is the most fun I've had in a FPS since modern warfare 1. So yeah its worth it for me

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I still think its a great game, but the matchmaking is terrible. Now everyone has had time to learn the game its now usually lop sided. That sucks because Respawn took time to make the weapons and abilities fairly balanced and then ruins it with shitty matchmaking. At least scramble the teams after each round to give the rest of them a chance.

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I agree it gets stale too quick. Probably because it is multiplayer only. If you could play against bots only in an certain mode that would make it more interesting for me. As the inherent problems with online multiplayer are frustrating at times.

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I played a lot for a week but haven't gone back since. Wish there was more content. Basically COD with new skin. Plays well though.

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This is a $40 game - tops. But instead it will end up being a $100 game with the DLC. Pathetic attempt at a next gen game. Id like to see what the Xbone sales would have been had they not been able to ride on the coat tails of COD and Titanfall...

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I agree this game doesn't deserve the hype! What killed it for, and kills it for me on a lot of games today, is the hit detection. When you take control away from the player in finding decent servers with acceptable hit reg it breaks the game for me. I also agree there is a lack of variety in just about everything, game modes, weapons, titans etc and the developer said the game was finished months before the release too. I actually hoped that Respawn would make this game similar to COD4! That game similarly had limited weapon variety, I believe battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 2 made us greedy for stuff like that, but for me the hit reg and frame rates were fantastic. I used wreck so bad in that game and in FEAR. Now a days with client side hit detection the game makes people with good internet suffer. Also the game has no anti cheat system, so cheaters are free to cheat, there are plenty of aimbotters and wallhackers here outside of the already available in game pseudo wall hack.

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I don't think this game lived up to all the hype, but I also don't think it deserves all the hate it is receiving either. It seems like everybody wants to compare it to games that have been around for the last ten years. It was never meant to be another COD or BF. It was meant to be different, and it delivers on that promise.