A fast, punchy FPS for ADD & short attention span gamers.

User Rating: 8.3 | TimeSplitters: Future Perfect XBOX
I'll keep it short because I want to get back to the game. I've spent 9 hours with the game, have beaten the story mode once & am going back through again to mop up. This game is fast, controls like butter, & looks great. There is lots of variety in levels with vehicles, (jeeps & tank), turrets to man & other interactive items. Each time period has a large variety of different weapons, most with an alternate fire mode. The animation, graphics, ragdoll physics & gore all look excellent. The framerate is NOT rock solid, but seems mostly to drop out during cutscenes. It never bothered me enough to pull me out of the game. Beyond single player, there is Arcade, with leagues included. There are also challenges to be beaten & some of these are hilarious, (cat racing?), & perfect for the ADD afflicted gamers out there, (CHIMPACIDE!!!!). This game is laugh-out-loud funny. There was a part that literally made me spew coca-cola out of my nose. There are in-jokes, self referential humor, winks to players of past games in the series & so many pop-culture references you wonder if you've caught them all, (T2, Matrix, Evil Dead, RE, Half Life 2, Terminator, etc.). I will not comment on the online mode whereas what I've seen so far looks pretty chop-tastic, but needless to say, if they can get it up to snuff, this will easily keep you busy til the next big one hits, (Doom3, Chaos Theory). Throw in an intuitive & much improved map maker & you have a great package for just about anyone who enjoys FPS. I thought this game would just be another ho-hum FPS, (like Project Snowblind), but I'm pretty blown away by the sheer fun factor & outright spectacle that is TimeSplitters:Future Perfect. The story will make your head hurt, (doesn't this blatantly go against every time paradox ever?), but at least it has one & the laughs & action never stop coming. I'll give the game an 8.3, but kick that up to an 8.9 if they can get the online ironed out. Highly recommended.