A game that almost did it right.

User Rating: 5 | Time Lord NES
Time Lord is a game set in the future or so it says. It is set in the year 2999 and well it seems to look a tad medieval. The hero sports a sword and the enemies are very primitive. Im guessing the future reverted back to medieval times or something like that. Gamplay: Definitely fun and very basic. Run around and hit the enemies. The character can switch between weapons and can even prefer jumping versions of standard attacks.

Graphics: For the time they are pretty decent. I enjoyed all of the scenery in the game I think a lot of time was put in to that. One thing i disliked is that the hero is solid orange and all of his weapons are orange.

Sound: There are some very catchy tunes here and yet again i think more attention was payed to this are than the actual gameplay.

Replay: Low. I think this game is fun if you can play it for free and for a limited amount of time.

Overall its a very average game. Its not too bad and its not really that good.