Time Commando Cheats For PC

  1. Helping Dog

    In Modern Wars 2 do not kill the dog. He shows the basics of digging and bites people that harm you.

    Contributed by: Jobu Dudley 

  2. Cheat Codes

    Enter the following codes during gameplay for the desired effect.

    Effect Effect
    HUIBON All Weapon Slots Filled
    OTOREL Auto Reload
    VONLUX Heal Yourself
    VENRUF Kill the Virus
    COMMANDO Secret Level

    Contributed by: Dormouse, Jobu Dudley 

  3. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    CWFLWYHC Easy Beyond Time Wars Password
    FDQLUGGC Easy Conquistador War Password
    EFBYQHME Easy Future Wars Password
    NKTOLVIF Easy Japan War Password
    VMXYICCB Easy Middle Age War Password
    FBTAWPFC Easy Modern Wars Password
    YPTERFGZ Easy Roman War Password
    ZREHQFIR Easy Wild West War Password
    HMFDLGNN Hard Beyond Time Wars Password
    ZOVASAIV Hard Conquistador War Password
    ZEYPCEHQ Hard Future Wars Password
    TFJSVJMC Hard Japan War Password
    XFYAMXIE Hard Middle Age War Password
    VEJHMQKO Hard Modern Wars Password
    SOIOLGNK Hard Roman War Password
    BODSGWLW Hard Wild West War Password
    YBULVABN Medium Beyond Time Wars Password
    AVMJFGGU Medium Conquistador War Password
    ALPYPJFO Medium Future Wars Password
    KAYAGEAF Medium Japan War Password
    MZFSPQDD Medium Middle Age War Password
    YLHHGXBO Medium Modern Wars Password
    QJSLVABL Medium Roman War Password
    EVBSVTCV Medium Wild West War Password

    Contributed by: Jobu Dudley 

Time Commando Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Instant Three Continues

    This code gives you three continues to help you survive in the game. To do this, start a game and at any point of the game, press the Start button to bring up the pause menu. Now, move down, highlight the ''Sound FX'' option and then enter the following code: Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle. You will then hear a noise and three triangular symbols will appear at the top of the screen. Now, you will gain an advantage to beat the game.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  2. Misc. Passwords

    Enter the following code at the Password Menu:

    Effect Effect
    ACTIVATE 99 Blue Time Chips
    HUIBON All weapons
    WTZVUGBX Final Level
    NDWMHGEC Future
    ADSAZGLY Japanese
    AKULA Level 2
    PASHA Level 3
    MIRAS Level 4
    NAKAT Level 5
    REZKY Level 6
    TUCHA Level 7
    ZARYA Level 8
    VONLUX Maximum Health
    COMMANDO Secret Level

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, shogunofchaos, Carter12, MT0, KasketDarkfyre 

  3. Misc. Codes

    Pause the game, then highligh Sound FX, then enter the following:

    Effect Effect
    Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle All Weapons
    Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square Auto Recharge
    Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Square, X, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Square Infinite Ammo
    X, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle Level Skip
    X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Circle, X Max Energy
    X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, X Refill Health

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, Carter12