I am finally embracing my anime side. I wanted this game further my ambitions.

User Rating: 5 | Tokitowa PS3
I am about four hours into Time and Eternity. I have had mixed feelings up until this point and have considered trading it back in multiple times throughout because of Gamestop's trade in promotion going on right now. I decided to continue with the game and complete the story for two reasons. One: I want to see more JRPGs shipped to the west. Two: I believe this game will be hard to find at some point and I consider myself a beginner/novice collector.

-Art style (Some of the characters look amazing. I feel like I am interacting with an actual anime.)

-The battle system is very repetitive
-Many of the characters are bad, so very bad cliches
-The quests are simplified, to the point of being dumb and unnecessary

I looked forward to this game and I refuse to regret my purchase. Hopefully, things will turn around for the next installment or IP from NIS. Ni No Kuni was amazing and I am looking forward to Xillia.