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User Rating: 6.5 | Tokitowa PS3
Time and Eternity is very ambitous jrpggame from Imageepoch and published by NIS/Bandai Namco. They wanted to be more immersive by using hand drawn animated charcters instead of cell shading. But how well did it go?

The plot is very simple and weak. Toki's wedding ceremony got interrupted by assassins and killed her soon to be husband, which is you. Toki went back in time 6 months before the ceremony to find out about the incident so they can avoid the attack. Toki possessed a rare condition called dual souls and Towa is the second soul living inside her body.

** Well the story is pretty much finding who killed Toki's husband with the help of other NPCs, it really drags and like any other anime series out there, interactions are always nonsense, fanservice and the humor is ..well NIS humor xD***

-Ill give the story 3/10

The gameplay is turn based. It has some Weak and against element system. Very basic and very easy. You will feel your somel skills are mostly just one shot the enemies. It has random encounters but thankfully its alright, not heavy not light. The battle sometimes drag too much. You only fight one enemies at a time so after defeating one enemy, another one may pop out behind you. So far i encountered 4 enemies max so it really drags too long. Battles are repetitive since obviously you will use the same one shot skill over and over. She has several skills but thyre pretty much look the same. You can only use Toki/Towa with pet dragon, no other charcters to join your battle. its a solo fight which is also a letdown.

-Ill give it 4/10 for battle

*Ill give the battle higher if only they gave Towa a diffrent treatment (see presentation below)**

Music: hands down to this ill give it 9/10 . Seriously, the OST keeps me playing this game. It has awesome tracks especially the Toki and Towa battle themes ..loved it

Okay in this part I have a mixed feelings about this. I am really amazed how they capture a real hand drawn anime and put it in a game. The anime cut scenes are well done especially the ceremony part, its like watching an anime series, The art is very well done. But the problem is the animated frames on battles Toki/Towa are like 24fps. It looks like lagging but its not, its quite passable. But sometimes youll encounter a real graphics lag it drop frames by half which is bad. Enemy varieties are abit lacking and bosses arent memorable. There is a dual voiced audio so you can both enjoy jpn and eng voices which is a plus.

ill give it 6/10 presentation. It shows effort but obviously they lacked budget on this one

** As for Towa, I wish they gave her different animations. Toki and Towa switches evrytime she levels up. Towa is a tsundere type so normally she would act like one. She only acts in a cutscenes or NPC interraction as tsundere but not on battle which is bad. Its like they just changed Toki's hair a yellow color. Towa moves and fight like Toki which breaks the purpose of her being another charcter.

Final Impression:
You can see the effort in this! it just not executed very well.Im guessing it has limited budget coz its NIS. Very ambitous and I decided to support this game and hopefully we can see more anime (literally) games like this one. This is a small step.

My biased score ... 7/10 - Im giving this score because despite of many flaws Im enjoying this game and also fan of anime type like this and NIS games and published games in general . The music keeps the game alive. i strictly recommend this to anime fans ^^. 49$ is quite steep 39$ would be like it. I bought it day one and thankfully im enjoying it and its worth it

Non biased score
5/10 - This is very mediocre game if youre not into animes avoid this game, but still i recommend you guys listen to its soundtrack, its really good.

Mix all the scores together!! lol
Overall 6.5/10