some games should stay in japan

User Rating: 3 | Time and Eternity PS3

as a vet. gamer i have played good game and bad games ,and bad game that turn in to cult classic like enslaved Odyssey to the west. this is not that game. the story line/plot as well as core concept for the store line feel like it was taken from the source code. the combat is repetitive cycling the same attack over and over again. the same 14 enemy's show up and attack you, as you feel trapped in the same endless loop. the characters set up the most childish bad jokes in the history of bad jokes some are funny if they catch you of guard. leveling up automatically switches you up between toki and towa. the items are expensive by in-game standard, example: from the first fight I got 16 Chrona the in-game currency the cheapest potion is about 100 Chrona. the claimed HD graphic on the animation is good, on the maps not so much it. when you walk through the map it kinda reminds you of a doom map or something from the PS1, except the map look the same as you watch is from over the shoulder of your heron. which is sad i really wanted to love this game which on paper sounded good, but failed in application. in ending if if IF! there is a sequel some time down the line i hope that they cane do much better.