[View private tiktok] How to see private tiktok account videos without following 2020

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Everyone wants to view private tiktok or open a private tiktok account online without following! That's why we are here to reveal a working method for you to see any private tiktok account videos without following them! It is a easy way to each of you to achieve! You just need to use this private tiktok viewer, run it under your background, then it will open a new layer to view private tiktok accounts as many as you want!

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You may be active on tiktok and upload new videos every week, but you know that your account is open and anyone can follow you and see your tiktok videos. If you are worried about your privacy and don't want everyone to pay attention to your account, you can keep your personal information confidential.

What happens when you make your tiktok profile private? It prevents users from tracking you without your permission, and you can accept requests when someone wants to track you. You can choose to approve them as followers or disagree. Only you and your followers can see the videos you upload.

Note: making your tiktok account private will hide your content in front of the public. You will not be able to obtain opinions and likes publicly, but only from your followers. If you care more about opinions and preferences than about privacy, it's a wise choice to keep your account open.

To make your tiktok profile private, click the "me" symbol in the lower right corner to enter your tiktok profile.

Click on the three dots in the corner, as shown, and in the accounts tab, select privacy and security.

You will find a slider called private account turned off. Click on the slider and enable the private account option.

With a private account, only users you approve can track you and view your videos and favorite content. Your current followers will not be affected.

You can also select other options in the security tab below. You can choose who can send you messages directly, who can duet on your videos, and who can respond to your videos, such as your videos, and comment on your videos.

You can also allow users to download your videos or not. This will protect your uploaded tiktok content, however, when someone downloads, tiktok will watermark your video, which will help you get more views, likes and followers.