PS Move frustration!!

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#1 heinza
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Hi guys,

just bought Tiger Woods 14 for PS3, despite its age, as I was attracted by the ability to play with the PS Move.

However, I'm having a hell of a hard time figuring out how to play decent shots.
I've done the tutorial using the gamepad with no problem whatsoever, however, when it comes to using the PS Move, no matter how hard I swing or how I hold it etc., there's no way I can land the ball as far as I'm able to with the gamepad. E.g. when you get to the power player tutorial where you're supposed to land the ball in the red circle, I've not been able to land it there once, in fact, I can barely land it in the yellow circle in most cases!!

How on earth am I supposed to swing this bloody PS Move to replicate the shots you can land easily with the gamepad???