Day 1 DLC and Expensive

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14 course for $40 is expensive and not to mention a lot of content for day 1 DLC. 

To get all the courses you would have to purchase the masters edition and the 14 DLC courses, totaling $110. I think this is pretty expensive.

I bought the masters edition, so in total, the game came with 25 courses for $70. I skipped the last 2013 & 2012, but some of the courses on disk and on DLC are repeats from earlier years. On top of that, I purchased some of these courses for 2011.

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Yeah, right there with you. Over $110 for pretty basic gaming. And it's difficult to play online because so many people actually HAVE paid that much to get the new courses, and of course they want to play them all the time.  Ah well. Not a fan of not being able to unlock courses with coins.

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100% agree....110$ for a game is a rip off, but thats EA for you and people continue to pay so EA will continue to use this buisness model.