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Does anyone have "CAG" (Create A Golfer) or a Custom Golf Course that they are willing to share/post?? Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions they would like to add so someone could create??
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In the Quick Play Menu, select Play Now, Game Mode: Stroke Play, Highlight the course you would like to play but do not select...instead press X Button (XBOX 360) would guess it is Square for PS3. This option activates "Create a Course" (indicated at bottom of screen). Select a slot 1-3 & begin creating your own course. My Created Custom Course... - Signature - Course Logo: 6 Par: 62 Distance: 4,936 Hole 1: Costa Navarino 6th Hole 2: TPC Sawgrass 18th Hole 3: Pebble Beach 7th Hole 4: Greenbrier 18th Hole 5: TPC Scottsdale 16th Hole 6: Celtic Manor 14th Hole 7: Whistling Straits 17th Hole 8: Atlanta 15th Hole 9: East Lake 6th Hole 10: Liberty 14th Hole 11: St. Andrews 17th Hole 12: San Antonio 16th Hole 13: Waialae 8th Hole 14: Royal Melbourne 5th Hole 15: TPC Scottsdale 15th Hole 16: Greenbrier 11th Hole 17: Pebble Beach 8th Hole 18: TPC Sawgrass 17th I came up with this idea by selecting all the signature holes from the selected courses you're allowed to select from. Not knowing every signature hole from the selected courses, I used Google to research the rest that I didn't know. Try the course out, post your comments...I will take any suggestions to improve this course.
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Created Custom Course - BUSHWOOD COUNTRY CLUB - I came up with this idea because I would ever imagine EA ever creating this course. Not knowing which holes to choose from, I looked up the real golf course that was used in the movie "Caddyshack", Grande Oaks Golf Club in Davie, FL. http://www.grandeoaks.com/ With the help of the website, I tried my best to match up the course to the selected courses provided in the game. Granted I know it isn't exact, but I am willing to make changes at anytime. Bushwood CC Course Logo: 10 Par: 71 Distance: 7,395 Hole 1: The Greenbrier 1st Hole 2: East Lake 3rd Hole 3: Atlanta 5th Hole 4: East Lake 17th Hole 5: Greenbrier 3rd Hole 6: Liberty National 7th Hole 7: TPC San Antonio 3rd Hole 8: East Lake 15th Hole 9: Atlanta 11th Hole 10: The Greenbrier 6th Hole 11: TPC Sawgrass 13th Hole 12: Atlanta 9th Hole 13: Liberty National 9th Hole 14: Royal Melbourne 4th Hole 15: Atlanta 12th Hole 16: Celtic Manor 12th Hole 17: The Greenbrier 8th Hole 18: Royal Melbourne 18th Try out my designed course. Post your comments/feedback...I will take any suggestions to improve this course. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBYSS2RLWUE&list=UUs0MK0fc_BMn1c-m7YcDCTA&index=1&feature=plcp *** DO YOU HAVE ANY CREATED/CUSTOM COURSE TO SHARE??? ***