This game is an utterly beautiful rendering of the game of golf yet the controls could have been more creative.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 PS3
I have bought this game every year since 2005 and i see small improvements every year. This year i saw some graphical improvements and a few game play improvements. Yet EA needs to find a more creative control scheme for the consoles like ps3. i was unimpressed with the joystick and meter based swing controls. I was really hoping that EA would incorporate the six axis motion capabilities more. If your think about it, it is almost the same as the WII remote only a different shape. If you tip it on it's side boom you got a club handle this is what i believe should have been brought to the table in the development of this game. I believe that streamlining the controls in this way would also give it a more in grained feel. I personally think that EA didn't use these functions because of the lack of success of other games using this ...... LAIR. But i still see this game being graphically and game play wise superior in every category except control scheme. 9 out of 10 stars EA.