I blame EA for making this game not to its full potential, but once again showing they can milk you for all you money.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 PS3
After taking a break from tiger woods since 2007 i realized about an hour i put the game in why i have not spent my 60 hard earn dollars on this game.
yes i will give this game its props it has many great features but thats not why i am writing this review. I want to point out the things that made me cringe, made me say now what is up with that!

-first off i want to say this to EA, if your going to continue making a golf game ever year like madden, where is the addition of new golfers! Where is phil? where is half of the best golfers on tour! there is about ten golfers to choose from! This was a bit disappointing for me (may not be for others)
-second and my most biggest gripe, what is up with charging 10 bucks for a new course!!!! i mean come on EA way to milk me for all my money seriously? i have to pay 10 bucks for a new course after i played all dismal 14 courses you put on the game! i mean come on!
-last i mean this is becoming a trend i hate, with charging 10$ for the online modes. now i did buy this game brand new, but what about people who buy the game used! its takes the whole point of buying a used game to the trash, to save a couple of bucks!

thanks to EA not only do they want to milk you for all your money! they seem to make dismal progress for the amount they make off this game every year.