Hands down the most realistic golf game to date

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 X360
Are you one of the people who are sick of being able to pick up a controller and score a 20 under on Tiger Woods golf games? Well, then Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 is the game for you. When I heard about the true-aim I was pretty excited but still didn't believe that it was going to add the level of difficulty that I wanted. Wow was I completely wrong. True-aim gives a whole new meaning to golf games in general, it brings the most realistic feel to any sports game I have played. It puts you in the shoes of your golfer and makes you feel like you are actually taking the shot. Anyways enough about true-aim lets get started.

Gameplay: The new settings (like true-aim and focus meter) bring a good feeling to this game and almost make it worth buying right there. My first tourney I shot a 6 over in the first round, never has this happened to me in a golf game and I liked it. Along with some new tweaks to the swing mechanics and a solid tuner, this games gameplay has come a long ways since last year and which is why I give it a 10

Visuals/Graphics: Although the golfers and the terrains look great on HD they have been relatively unchanged. Camera angles also become very awkward at some points. For example hitting out of the sand trap with true-aim sometimes gives you a weird zoom in right on the grass. Another example is sometimes hitting in front of objects which completely block your golfer from being seen. Then there is always the every once in while hitting of a tree without actually hitting it visually. This can become very frustrating but happens very rarely These slight mishaps and a relatively unchanged graphics gets it a rating of an 8.5 since it does still look good

Sound: Lets just get the good things out of the way first. The crowd, the rain, the golf course in general sounds great in Tiger Woods 11. Everything and anything that has to do with something other than the commentary is awesome. The commentary just drags the sound down. It isn't as bad as last years where I had to turn it off completely but it is still bad enough to hear the same thing 3 to 5 times a round. This needs to be changed and it drags the sound down to an 8

Modes: Tiger Woods is littered with a great selection of game modes. All the modes are very deep and should give you the player plenty of hours to dig into. The Tour Season comes very much the same, but why change something that is working. New courses are now available which is always a plus, but I was hoping for a few more than the couple given. Skill challenge is back with some tough new challenges, but the big addition is the Ryder Cup. I must say that I am very impressed with this mode and got more than I expected. It takes a while, yes, but golfing for your country and beating the other team has never felt so good. Minus the horrible announcing during it, the Ryder cup is something to check out. Online modes are there also and still rocking. With many different modes to choose from online, lots of time will be spent testing your skills with many people across the world, trust me. With so much to do, game modes get a solid 9 from me.

Difficulty: With true aim on and difficulty setting to pro it has taken me some time to get to an under par level. The game comes challenging and brings me more to a realistic round of golf (unlike a 20 under in previous years). Leveling up your character is tough and takes a few hours to get him sub-par. With a nice swing and club tuner though, you can straighten out those drives and get those irons onto the green with a sub-par character. If it wasn't for true aim and the new focus meter the difficulty would be unchanged, but these things add a whole new level to golf games. For this Difficulty gets a 9.5 Not too hard, not too easy, just right, but not perfect

Bottom Line: This is the easiest part of this whole thing. Do you like golf? Do you like a little bit of a challenge? Are you sick of golfing 30 under and beating everyone by 20 strokes on the hardest difficulty? Do you like depth? Well then buy Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and stop reading reviews about it.