Excellent game

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 X360
Incredible game-play and awesome multiplayer games make Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 a must buy. There are enough game modes to make your head spin, and building your character or "avatar" is always fun. The new focus meter takes away all those 122% power shots on every stroke. The Focus meter really forces you to say to yourself "should I power up my drive or should I save it for some spin on my approach?" or " should I spin it back to the pin, or should I save it so I can actually get a put preview?". Building your avatar is much more complicated in this edition of Tiger, forcing you to use the same XP points to buy clothes or equipment and also to build you stats in small increments. This game is tons of fun and I recommend it to anyone who loves multiplayer XBOX LIVE matches, or just anyone who has a console. Just don't expect to go straight online with you newly created avatar, because he/she is really going to suck!!!