Another great round for Tiger

User Rating: 8.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
It's the first game for the Wii that I bought reading about the Motion plus feature being wonderfull. It's true that it brings a fun element to the game. You might even feel your sore muscles after a three round tournament.

But it feels tiredsome after a while. You feel like your swing doesn't change much from one time to the other. Plus, the approches are very tricky. Anything else than a full swing is very hard to accomplish. The put system is also hard to feel. I quickly came back to regular mode where the strenght of the hit is only determined by the back swing. But at this point is pretty much just getting the right path for the ball.

So all in all, the motion plus accessory is what the Wii is...another flashy gadget that get you excited for the first three hour of game and that you get tired to use after a short while.

Having known that I would have bought the game for my PS3 instead because the graphic for the Wii is not that great. Unlike the PS3 version, you don't really feel like playing the real deal.

On the other side, there are so many game mode to play that you'll surely find a mode fitting your mood on any given day. One mode that is very fun to play with your friends is the Freezbee Golf. It's so fun that me and my friends had started to try and find a golf club who allows to play that in our region. This mode could easily be a stand alone game.

Party Golf is fun and entertaining while the career mode is engaging but very long to play particularly if you play it with the motion plus. It's good exercise though.

It's a good game but if you have multiple game system go for the graphic instead of the gadgets.