Bought it for the disc golf, but the regular golf is amazing. Worth the purchase.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
I bought this game yesterday(along with the Wii Motion Plus), because it was supposed to have a really good disc golf game included. It did not disappoint in the disc golf department.

Regarding the disc golf, it's just great. You can throw the disc anyway you want. Disc physics are pretty spot-on, and there are 27 courses available. My only complaints about the disc golf are that you can't play any sort of disc golf career mode, and the physics of the disc, once it hits the ground, are not too terribly realistic. The disc doesn't roll or skip. But these are minor complaints. This is a great game to own, if only for the disc golf. I do recommend, however, that disc-golfers also check out the regular golf on this game, as it's quite awesome.

The golf game on Tiger Woods 10 is extremely good. I've been playing career mode. Character customization is super in-depth, but not overly tedious. You can buy merchandise for your character, alter their appearance, and upgrade their stats.

There are options concerning how realistic the gameplay is, and if you want to make this game fun, it's very important that you pick the right level of play for yourself. I started out using super-realistic controls, and was doing terribly. I never play golf in real life, and when it comes to golf video games, I usually stick to Mario Golf or Hot Shots. So, after having some trouble with the realistic controls, I switched to "all-play" tee shots and "classic" putting style. It made it quite a bit easier, but much more fun for someone of my skill level.

My point is: you can totally tailor this game to your skill level, which results in lots of fun. The career mode is really cool, in depth, and long. You definitely get your money's worth with this game.

If you are just a disc-golfer, or interested in getting a cool new Wii game, or even a serious golf gamer, you would be well advised to buy this game. But get it with the Wii Motion Plus peripheral. It's worth the extra money.

I do hope that EA will use this game's engine to create a disc-golf-only game, with real disc golf courses, purchasable discs, and a disc golf career mode. That would be so sweet.