This TW before this was an EPIC FAILURE. Unfortunately this game was grandfathered many of the same glitches.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
O.K. This game was a MAJOR improvement on its predecessor, however it certainly isn't perfect. The new aiming makes this game what it is.

Motion Plus- 9/10 (It would have a 10 if batteries were easier to replace)

Gameplay- 7/10 (points deducted for glitches)

Replay Value- 9/10 (I'm getting a little sick of it after 2 days, but I can see how the real fun comes with playing against good friends)


The players look much better. The driving and approach works much better. The Tournament Challenge is really cool and it adds fun to the game-play. The live tourneys are awesome. (online)


The glitches are atrocious. Laggy frame-rate, over-powered lag puts, and the most important of all... I snap an Ace on the Fed-Ex September 10th tourney.(18th hole) After the ball goes in the cup, the announcer says, "Nice drive but it could of been better." I'm confused but then the real kicker comes to play. It calls my Ace OUT OF BOUNDS. I was furious because the match was over anyways.(so it recognized my ace, however it scored an extra stroke)

This game is my second, the first one played so laggy that I had to take it back. Now I come to find that they are all a little laggy and its something I have to deal with.

There is no way to create any holes or courses. TERRIBLE. This game would have easily pulled an 8.5 from me if it had capabilities to build golf and disc golf courses. A disc course needs plenty of trees, water, sand, and elevation. I can see it now. My friends and I will have tie game after tie game.

No variety of discs to speak of. A driver, mid-range, and putter. No such thing as an over-stable disc that would allow further drives with more risk.

No way to allow spin on advanced swing. I can see how this would make the games less realistic. However, it would be great if those who agree to it could opt for spin.

No way to enter Golf Party for practice? That is terrible.

All-in-all the game is decent and it deserves a chance from everyone. It has its downsides but it is still a good way to beat the heat and get a half-authentic golf feel. At 59.95 it is worth owning but not a penny more. (walmart) I would NOT suggest getting this game WITHOUT Wii Motion Plus.