From a real golfer, this game is not like real golf. But it is still an ok game.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
Story: 8 /10
+ Just average or so. Typical style of previous years, just play a career.

Gameplay: 8/10
+ Interesting mini games
+ Disc golf added.
+ Fully customizable characters
-No driving range. It would have helped to practice your swing strength. Club Tuner is similar to what I was looking for, but it left something to be desired.
-A challenge all real golfers face is keeping their head down looking at the ball as you swing. This is so you don't pick up your shoulders and top the ball. But in this, since it's a video game, you have to look at the tv screen. Which will through off your real golf game. I got to the point I would place a real golf ball on the floor to help keep my focus on the ball and not the screen so not to mess up my real swing. I play golf about once a week in league competitions. Unfortunately there is not really a lot you can do about this problem except just make a personal attempt to focus on the ground and not the screen.

Controls: 7/10
- The strength of the swings were way off and even after I used the club tuner. The biggest problem was putting. I literally brought out my putter and was playing around with 9 foot putts in real life, then tested the same strength in the game and it predicted 100% swing causing the ball to fly across the greens. I was really disappointed, I was hoping for better controls. The Wii Motion Plus worked great, but the sensitivity in the game was off compared to real golf. They needed a club tuner for putting.
+\- Most realistic golf game to date (actual swing, not a joystick), but its disappointing that its still nothing like real golf.
-Ball spin should be controlled by the club swing, not shaking the remote while the ball is in flight. Draw/Fade work this way, but so should spin.

Sound: 7/10
- Commentary is not appropriate for shot. Sometimes the announcers will be excited for a bad shot and will be over critical of a great shot.
- Commentary is redundant. You'll hear the same stuff over and over again in one match.
- Announcer voices are annoying, partially cause of the redundancy, but because they sound funky and high pitched in my opinion.

Graphics: 7 /10
- I'd say they're a below average for what the Wii can handle.
- Clunky animations

Technical Problems: 7.5/10
+ Wii Motion Plus worked great, no spasms or jumping around.
- A couple times at the load screen it would freeze and I'd have to cycle power on the Wii.

Fun: 8/10
Being a real golfer, this game frustrated me. Mainly because the swing strength was way different than real life golfing. But other than that, it generally a fun game.

Overall 7.5/10