With the Wii Motion Plus this is as good as a simulator. Who needs the real golf course anymore? Well, OK. We all do.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
Tiger Woods 10 is very much worth the money. If you love golf and want to play more of it, but can't afford real greens fees, this is what you need.

The various playing levels makes TW10 just right for pretty much anyone, however if you want a challenge, use the Advanced swing with the Wii Motion Plus and you will find that your real game just moved inside. The same problems you struggle with on the real course will still be there in the game. The advantage is that you make good solid contact every time and distance is not a problem, so instantly you go from the 18 handicap to the 5 and that is much more fun.

I've heard the Playstation has better graphics, but the Wii version's graphics is quite good. You can easily tell if the ball is below your feet or above. I wouldn't try reading the greens without the gridlines, though.

The experience is phenominal. I always wished that Papyrus/Sierra Nascar Racing had the racing experience of going from a kart racer to Winston Cup but they never did it. TW10 is great how you can start as an amateur and work your way through an amateur season with certain goals. Your rookie season has different goals and the next has even more, harder goals. This is what these games should have. It gives ordinary people an opportunity to dream big.

Now for the not-so-happy chore of honestly revealing the bad stuff since my overall rating is a 9.0, there must be some. It's not big bad stuff to most people, but I do like realistic things so here goes.

The bugs that have been in the game seem to remain from release to release. TW 08 had many of the same bugs that are in TW 09 and TW 10, scoring bugs mostly, but they need to be fixed. It would be nice if you had the ability to remove all inappropriate animated gestures and unsportsmanlike celebrating. It isn't me and my character in the game should reflect me.

That's about it. If you love golf and you love simulators, this is the game for you. One word of caution. Moderation. Your employer needs you to show up for work with work on your mind and your family really does need to see you sometime, so take them along to the golf course.