Awful - Avoid

User Rating: 5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
Tiger Woods 10 is a brutal game that will leave you heading towards the game store to return it.

1) The commentary is almost always either incorrect (chastised for missing an 80 foot putt by two inches) or features just inane "comedy" that the mute button is the preferred option.

2) Gameplay is nothing special and swinging the wiimote 50-80 times a match is sure to hard on the joints (like throwing a tennis ball)

3) The new wiimote add on doesn't really add anything to the experience (that I can tell). I presume it will work better for Wii Sports resort

4) The controls are clunky and most definitely not instinctive

5) The frisbee game is way's a strange game with only three frisbee's (driver, mid-range, putter) and just isn't all that fun.

I found this game to be deeply dissapointing.