It's as good as Tiger himself.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
Just bought this today and already I'm addicted. The wii motion plus brings new breath to the wii. The game play is smooth and the controls work very well. One thing that bothered only ever so slightly was the graphics. It seemed like the designers only spent money on getting the controls down to see if this game would flop or not. So maybe Tiger woods 11 will be higher end but with the same fantastic controls. The mini games are pretty useless and not that entertaining but the Disc golf extra is stupendous. I think I might have played more of that than the golf. Also if you think the Wii motion plus won't make a difference then you're only kidding yourself. I already tested it with a normal controlled and one with the Wii motion plus addon and the difference is obvious. Speed, power, and angle are all taken into account at a highly precise rate by the WMP. I'm sure games will improve the controls even more than what this game provides so I think Nintendo can only go up from here.
Its a great game for golf lovers but I would only buy it if your into gold/disc golf.