I never played a Golf game before this one.

User Rating: 9 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 PS3
Tiger Woods PGA Tour was hard at first. I didn't know anything about Golf prior to playing this game. This is the only golf game that I've played yet. This game was so fun, once i learned how to play it, I called like 2-3 of my homies and told them to at least rent it. To be honest im currently taking golf lessions. I haven't played Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 yet but I really don't need to until i master this one. I got tired of playing same ol same ol (Madden, NBA 2k, GTA, WWE, UFC etc) so i said let me try something new and different. The fact that Tiger was in the news played a part as well.I went from hearing about Tiger Woods on PTI and SportsCenter to actually buying this game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 wasn't out yet, liking it to now playing golf in real life as well as watching more golf on tv. All this becasue he cheated on his wife LMAO!!!!!!!!!