Best in Series, yet.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 WII
Not a bad learning curve. Achieving skills points and many trophys as goals made the game worth playing. Not as fond of the multi-player games. After a few trys, the frisbee was not worht the time or the effort to try to master, stick with the golf. Good stress reliever. Graphics of the courses were incredable. After about the 30th time playing, started to play with TV on MUTE to avoid the annoying, repetative commentary. Would recommend to the Wii golfing fans. Recommend playing the challenges first before diving into the toutrnament to build up skills, money and practice. I loved that in tournament play, all of the competitors would play to your level so that the fourth day of compitition was usually in play and not a blow out. This game may not have the replayability of other Wii games, but if 2011 ends up bombing, I will be pulling out 2010 again!